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Nokia Lumia 800 trending in France

Arnaud Michelet independent developer on Windows phone platform has built an application called “Traffic France” which gives us very fascinating statistics regarding device usage in France.

It is quite interesting to see that line for the Nokia Lumia 800 goes high compared to the other 2nd generation Windows Phone (HTC Titan and HTC Radar). It is also dazzling to see that Nokia Lumia 800 has already taken the lead from Samsung Omnia 7, which was on top since past 5 weeks.

Though these are not the official sales figures but it surely gives us an idea about the trend this festive season. Its seems that people are migrating from within and other platforms to the Nokia Lumia 800 already with only the black version available for now, so we can hope for the graph to rise a bit further when the Cyan and Fuschia colored versions are also made available.

We need to wait for the official figures from Nokia, to check whether the Finnish company was anywhere close to selling its target of 2 million handsets by the end of 2011.

With all the fuss going on over about the CarrierIQ I’m not really sure if this was a good time to reveal about this software which goes pre-installed in the windows devices and gives the usage information. Lets hope that this does not get embroiled into another controversy and the user data is safe.