Take a look at the history of the most memorable Nokia phones + photos

In this article we are going to take a look at Nokia History:

According to the technology portal of the cyberspace group of the Young Journalists Club; Although it will no longer be a Nokia-branded smartphone, the company will henceforth focus on developing and studying its telecommunications network infrastructure and technologies, as announced on company.nokia.com. In the following, we will take a brief look at some of the most memorable models of Nokia phones that have been released in different years.

Nokia History

Although the image above was not the first Nokia phone, the Nokia 1011 was a very important device and can be considered as the first modern phone of this company. The 1011 phone was built in 1992 and was the first Nokia phone to run on the GSM network.

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Take a look at the history of the most memorable Nokia phones + photos

The Nokia 2110 was not the first phone to use Nokia’s famous ringtone, but it was the first phone that many refer to as their first mobile phone. To the right of the image is the Nokia 6110, which at the time was owned by a small number of people.

Nokia History

The Nokia 8110 was launched in 1996. The 8110 was a business-friendly phone with a sliding door that protected the buttons. Three years later, in 1999, the phone played an important role in the famous Matrix movie, which led to its very high sales in the market.

In 1996, when not even the names of the companies that now make phones with giant screens were heard, Nokia introduced the 9000 model. With a full QWERTY keyboard, a 24MHz processor and a 4.5-inch display, it was a head and neck taller than all its competitors at the time. The Nokia 9000 was a dream come true for anyone interested in technology at the time.

The 8210 was the name of a mobile phone that Nokia engineers were proud to make at the time. The phone had a built-in antenna (a feature that has been around since 1999) and weighed just 79 grams. This mobile phone first used infrared technology to transfer contacts, and perhaps one of the most attractive features of the two-player game was Snake.

One of the best-selling products was the Nokia 3310, which at the time sold for about $ 125 million (a figure Apple would never dream of for a new iPhone). This phone was an evolution of the 8210, one of the features of which was the reasonable price.

Perhaps before the advent of Android, many people loved slider phones. The 7650 was the first Nokia phone to be launched on the Symbian operating system, and for the first time, users were able to experience the feeling of having a camera on their mobile phone.

Butterfly phone, the nickname used for the Nokia 6800 at the time. As you can see, this phone had a full QWERTY keyboard, but to use it, you had to open its doors to the sides. The 6800 was a different and very creative phone at the time.

In 2000, there was no news of game consoles or smartphones. With the introduction of the N-Gage, Nokia launched a serious attack on the Nintendo handheld gaming machine. Perhaps one of Nokia’s most awkward products is the N-Gage, because the user had to hold the device unreasonably by the ear to talk through Nokia History.

Launched in 2003, the Nokia 7600 was perhaps one of the first handsets to support third-generation telecommunications networks.

Many may have a lot of memories with the Nokia 7610. This phone uses a 1-megapixel camera that was unique in its time.

Like us, you may not have even heard of the Nokia 7280 lipstick. A phone that had neither a button to work with nor a screen to view, Nokia introduced the phone in 2004 and, as expected, sold very little, but signaled Nokia’s ambition and fear of making unreasonable models.

The Nokia 7710 was Nokia’s first attempt at a touchscreen phone in 2004. At the time, no one thought of using a touch screen instead of a keyboard. But the Nokia 7710 Alaa Innovation could not sell well.

The Nokia 9300 was introduced in 2005. It was Nokia’s second attempt to launch a business-friendly handset in the market. But it was never mentioned as a means of communication.

About 5 years before Apple thought of producing the iPad, Nokia introduced its first tablet called the 770. The 770 was the first device to run the Maemo operating system. The operating system was thought to be the future of Nokia, but it soon fell out of favor.

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