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Is Nokia Mobile ready to launch its first tablet?

Nokia Mobile received two new certifications in Russia on June 9. One of these certificates is related to an unknown Nokia phone with model number TA-1400 and its spare parts. At the moment, we are not sure if this is a smartphone or a feature phone.

Surprisingly, another certification is for the upcoming Nokia tablet. However, it is interesting that the certification website displays its content in Russian and the sentence that has been considered is “Portable tablet computer models Nokia models.” Is.

The author of the article stated that he used the Microsoft Edge translator to translate this sentence and came across the equivalent of “Nokia portable tablet model”, but Google or Chrome translator showed the equivalent of “Nokia laptop models”. To be sure, more than a few Russian-speakers have also questioned the meaning of this sentence, which they think refers to a tablet.

Anyway, the first Nokia Mobile tablet has model numbers TA-1392 and TA-1397. The company uses model numbers similar to its phones. Given that Russian certifications appear long before the actual release date of the product, we may not see this tablet on the market any time soon. That’s all there is to this certification for the Nokia tablet.

Nokia tablets were previously available under the names Nokia N1 and Nokia Lumia 2520. Nokia N1 was an Android tablet that entered the market in 2014. Nokia launched the tablet after handing over its services and devices to maintain its name in the consumer market. The Nokia Lumia 2520 with Windows RT was introduced in 2013 with limited availability, when Nokia’s product rights were still in the hands of Nokia.

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Nokia also has a history of canceled tablets codenamed Vega, Illusionist / Mercury, Nokia Lumia 2020, as well as a tablet that worked with Meego and possibly tablets that we have not heard of. HMD Global has been licensed to sell Nokia tablets since its inception but has not used them.

Nokia anew stated in 2019 that HMD Global was working on products other than mobile phones, including a tablet and some wearables, but at the time decided to cancel them. Although the true reason for the change in HMD Global’s decision is not known, one of the possible reasons could be the demand for tablets in the market of technology giants.

The Corona epidemic brought a boom to the laptop and tablet market, as telecommuting and working from home and taking virtual classes became commonplace instead of going to instructor, with people preferring devices with larger screens. Have. Last year, we saw Flipkart take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a proprietary license for the Nokia brand for laptops, launching the Nokia Purebook X14, eliminating the opportunity for HMD Global to launch laptops, at least in India.

Currently, Nokia Mobile uses the letters C, G and X in the naming of its series to launch the smartphone. It would be interesting to know what word Nokia Mobile will use to name its tablets? Will it use Nokia N series again? Let us know what you think about this.

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