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Juho Sarvikas will remain in the Nokia lineup

A few days ago, Juho Sarvikas announced that he intends to leave the company after 15 years at Nokia. The news shocked or even upset many Nokia fans. Because he was one of the most well-known figures of the company as the Chief Product Officer at HMD.

It was Juho who always went on stage and introduced new Nokia phones. He was, in a way, the spokesman for the startup HMD and had a special and respected position among users. His resignation made it difficult for HMD to find a suitable replacement.

Sources close to Nokia Mobile and Juho Sarvikas himself have claimed that the possible replacement is someone who worked for the company in 2012 and also played a key role in fundamentally changing the Nokia brand. Since the company is on the verge of a transformation with management changes and marketing practices at HMD, such a person can be quite appropriate.

However, the mentioned sources did not disclose the name of the mentioned person. But it was announced that he is originally Canadian and has previously held management positions at Nokia Mobile and Microsoft Mobile. So if the above rumors are true, Nokia Mobile will be accompanied by an apparent change.

Following the news, Juho Sarvikas announced that he would remain with HMD until the end of his contract with Nokia, and with new ideas and applications such as improving relationships with Chinese partners Google and Qualcomm, they intend to launch better mobile phones and accessories. Market and upgrade Nokia.

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