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Nokia Mobile is ready to launch BH-805 noise canceling earphones

Nokia Mobile has introduced three BT headphones and earphones that are sold in various markets around the world. Nokia BH 605, Nokia BH-405, Nokia Power Airbuds and Nokia Power Airbuds Lite are great accessories that are well worth buying.

Nokia Mobile then introduced the Nokia Essential Wireless E1200, which is a really interesting BT headset originally designed for the Asian market, but will be available worldwide with the Nokia 5.4. Nokia Light Airbuds (BH-205) is the latest audio accessory that Nokia Mobile offers with the C, G and X series.

The only type of airbags that Nokia has not produced is the type with noise cancellation or (noise canceling) that it seems that these types of airbags will be available soon. The new Nokia BT earphones with noise canceling feature have been displayed on the Dutch site before their official introduction. This site has not revealed much information about it, except that the model number of these noise-canceling earphones will be BH-805.

While the Nokia BH-405 and Nokia BH 605 provide a good sound barrier when placed in the ear canal, active noise-canceling airbags completely eliminate ambient noise.

There is no room for these types of airbags in the Nokia Mobile Audio portfolio, we look forward to seeing what they have in store for Nokia fans. According to this site, the price of these airbags is 93 Euros, which is not very expensive, and in this price range, if it shows good performance in reviews, it will also be considered by non-Nokia buyers.

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