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Nokia Mobile wants India to become its largest manufacturing and distribution center

The Indian newspaper Financial Express has conducted a good interview with Sanmeet Kochhar, Vice President of HMD Global, who explained about Nokia Mobile plans in India and other parts of the world in 2021. 2020 was a tough year for Nokia Mobile. Although they faced logistical problems, supply improved in the fourth quarter of 2020. Nokia 5.3 seems to have been well received, but many affordable smartphones are coming to the global market as well as the Chinese market. This is not good news for the Nokia brand, which is currently the 15th largest in the mobile phone industry, but it is still strong and, if managed well, can get where it deserves.

Kochhar said they have returned to 100% production capacity and are still very committed to the Make in India project. Nokia Mobile currently manufactures 100% of its devices for the local Indian market in the same country. They have trusted many partners there, some local and some foreign, such as Taiwanese Foxconn, which has a factory in the Chennai metropolis. Nokia Mobile has partnered with an Indian partner to launch the Nokia C3, and there will be many devices manufactured by Indian partners such as Lava.

In this way, Nokia Mobile can work to improve the supply and distribution of distribution in India, which now has more than 700 distribution partners. This opportunity will be used to make India a valuable source of exports.

He also noted that Nokia Mobile is working on devices that are customized for the Indian market, and Nokia Mobile plans to launch more affordable 5G devices in 2021.

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He noted that they have relied on various partners, including Google, Qualcomm, Nokia and others in the ecosystem, so there is no need to set up their own factories. When asked about the difference between Nokia devices and Kochhar, he said that the difference is better and future-proof software.

This seems to be a concern, since relying solely on software as a distinguishing factor is not a good thing. The only thing Nokia devices are currently familiar with is the design and use of Android One, and we know how buggy this software is. Good software improvements are being made by Nokia, Google and Zeiss, but hardware also needs to be researched and invested in as Nokia smartphones outperform the competition.

Nokia is a powerful brand, but Nokia Mobile needs to invest in its credibility, and the only way to do that is to build phones that stand out in terms of durability, quality, and good hardware components.

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