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Nokia Power Airbuds vs. Nokia Power Airbuds Light

After four years on the market, Nokia Mobile still does not produce the important accessories such as chargers and audio gadgets that are essential for a smartphone brand. But recently, it has invested in accessories and produced products such as Nokia PowerBads and PowerBads Lite. PowerBad Lite is the best buy in the BT standard audio accessories class. Airbuds Light offers good sound quality with low, medium and high tones. They also provide good service to the user in terms of handsfree system, because by adding built-in microphones, it provides good sound quality for the other party. Many ask what is the difference between Nokia PowerBads and Nokia PowerBads Lite and what model should they buy?

The only difference between the two products is the size of the charging case and its volume, which is determined by the size of the internally installed battery. The airbags are identical to the 6mm graphene driver, IPX7 waterproof protection and 50mAh battery that provides 5 hours of sound output.

The Power Airbuds have a 3000 mAh battery in their charging case that produces up to 150 hours of sound on a single charge, while the PowerBads Light provides 35 hours of playback time on a single charge of its 600 mAh battery. brings.

The size of the battery determines the size of the charging case and its weight. The Nokia Power Airbus case is twice the size and weight of its Lite version, and this may influence how much you want to spend for a € 100 or € 60 Airbus with the Nokia logo.

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The 91GB Power Airbus charging case is much larger than the Airbus Light case (48g), which means that these airbags are suitable for people who travel short distances. But larger airbags are suitable for people who always carry a backpack with gadgets and other devices, and the weight and size of the charging case is not important to them.

Another difference between the two is the plastic cover of the Nokia Airbus Light charging case, which is slightly thicker than the cover of its larger model, which creates a pleasant feeling when opening the door and a distinct clicking sound when closing the case door. arrives. The cover of the Airbus case is made of thinner plastic, which is transparent, and you can see how much battery is left when the airbags charge. However, these airbags charge quickly, so you will not see the lights for a long time.

Here are the specifications of Nokia Power Airbuds (BH-605) and Power Airbuds Light (BH-405):

name: Nokia Power Airbuds

Model: BH-605

Dimensions of winds: 25x23x23.8 mm

Charging case dimensions: 79 × 48.5 × 31 mm

Weight: 91 g (case + airbags), 5 g (one wind)

Battery: 60 mAh per wind

Driver: 6 mm graphene

Charging case: 3000 mAh

Connection: BT 5.0

Price: 85 euros

name: Nokia Power Airbuds Light

Model: BH-405

Dimensions of winds: 25x23x23.8 mm

Charging case dimensions: 68x36x31 mm

Weight: 48 grams (case + airbags), 5 grams (one wind)

Battery: 60 mAh per wind

Driver: 6 mm graphene

Charging case: 600 mAh

Connection: BT 5.0

Price: 60 euros

Whether you have a Nokia phone or not, it should be said that these airbags work very well, of course, you can find airbags with similar appearance and function from other brands. But if you choose Nokia Power Airbuds or its light version, it is a good purchase.

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